How can I complete the supplier light box?

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A supplier light box is a useful feature within the app wherein you can enter your suppliers’ contact details, restock information, and notes or terms that you might have with them.

To complete a supplier light box for an existing supplier, head on to the Supplier List tab and select the supplier you wish to update by clicking on the supplier’s name. A light box will pop up and you should see three tabs within this light box.

Fill out the first tab with your supplier’s contact information. You should have this information handy in case you’ll be needing to contact your supplier for follow-ups or inquiries you might have.

Next, switch over to the next tab to update your supplier’s restock information. The restock point you see at the bottom is determined by the restock settings you’ll input on this tab. Restock Order Cycle is how often you would like to process a restock. Restock Safety Stock is the days worth of additional stock you would like to set to accommodate any possible prediction errors. Restock Lead Time is the time it would take to get your shipment from your supplier to Amazon’s warehouse. The system will set a default 30-day supply cycle if you do not specify your desired restock settings.

You can also list here the minimum of maximum CBM (cubic meters) that your supplier might have.

For any additional information you need to take note of such as discounts, freight, or payment terms, there’s the notes / terms tab for that specific purpose.

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