How can I change my “product price?”

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When you first sync your Amazon Seller Central account with SellerMobile, your item’s selling price is retrieved from your seller account. Once your accounts are linked, you can always update your product’s selling price through SellerMobile.
Here are the steps you need to follow to update your product selling price:
1. Login with your credentials at
2. Go to the ‘operation and analysis’ tab and then ‘inventory.’
3. Under ‘listing’ you will see your ‘inventory list.’
4. Search for the item for which you would like to update your selling price.
5. Click on the product’s name (in blue color) under ‘product details’ within the inventory list.
6. When the lightbox appears, click on the ‘my price’ tab and input/update your ‘standard price.’

Once you click ‘save’ the product’s selling price will update, and it will sync to your Amazon Seller Central account.

In the lightbox you can also update item cost, sale price (if applicable) and min/max price and margin for the repricer for each item.

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