How to Get Started with SellerMobile’s Repricer Tool

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Follow the steps below to get started with the SellerMobile Repricer tool.

Step 1: Create a repricing strategy
To start, you must create a new strategy by visiting Add Strategy. (To learn more about how to create a new strategy please Click Here) Once you have created the strategy and customized the repricing rules you can then assign the strategy to the items.

Step 2: Select SKUs for repricing
Choose the SKUs you want to automatically reprice using the new Amazon pricing strategy.

Step 3: Set minimum and maximum price parameters
Within each strategy, you must set a minimum and maximum price or profit margin for each SKU for the auto-repricer. This will create a safeguard for your account.

Step 4: Begin repricing
Once you add a strategy and set pricing rules and parameters, the repricer tool will automatically start repricing the SKUs within all active strategies.