Dashboard Summary Charts

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The four boxes on the top of the dashboard highlight Key Order and Sales information (in USD).

  • The top of each box indicates the date (i.e., today, yesterday, July 1, 2018) for the data displayed underneath.
  • Order revenue: total revenue for selected time frame.
  • Item sales: total sales for all items sold.
  • Estimated profit: total profit for selected time frame.

Within the dashboard tab, choose the Amazon Marketplace and Amazon account you want to view from the dropdown. Once selected, you will see organized and filtered seller data.

Additional totals (for selected time frame) are provided to the right of the revenue, sales and profit information.

  • Orders: all orders placed.
  • Units: total units sold within all orders.
  • Promo: promotional discounts given within total orders.
  • Refunds: total refunds from all orders.
  • Fees: Amazon fees collected within total orders placed.
  • Gross margin: calculated by revenue minus the fees and cost.