How to Create Purchase Orders in SellerMobile?

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Restocking is one of the most important yet time-consuming tasks for any Amazon sellers. With SellerMobile’s purchase order tool, we make the restocking process easy for you. 

To create a purchase order, simply: 

  1. Click on “Shipments & POs” 
  2. Then, click on the “+ New Restock Plan” button 
  3. Choose the plan type that you desire 
    • Take note, if you choose “Supplier to Warehouse”, a new dropdown for “Ship-to” will appear below where you can select which warehouse you want to ship to 
  4. Fill out the rest of the information  
  5. Hit the “create plan” button 

Remember to add your suppliers’ information prior to creating the purchase order to make the process much simpler for you. 

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