How to Create New Repricing Strategy for Competitor Filters Under the Advanced Settings

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Competitor filters is the second setting under the advanced settings section when creating a new strategy. To tailor your strategy even further, you can choose competitors that you want to include / exclude. If you select a particular filter within this section, you will need to input additional parameters for each.

  • Seller Rating – input minimum (at least) competitor seller rating percentage.
  • Seller Feedback Count – input minimum (at least) total ratings / feedback received.
  • Ship from Countryexclude or include only specific countries to compete with from drop down. Or you can select or create a custom list of countries to include / exclude in competition.
  • Seller IDexclude or include only specific sellers to compete with by inputting seller ID. Click on the + button to add more seller IDs or X to delete an inputted seller ID. Or you can select or create a custom list of seller IDs to include / exclude in competition.
  • Dispatch Time – exclude sellers with shipment processing time greater than (select time frame from drop down).