What is the Brand List?

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The brand list breaks down information for each one of your brands. You can apply the various sorting filters to organize the customer list to your liking. This information can then be utilized to understand brand performance via sales, revenue, and profit; asset value; refunds, and active/inactive SKUs within each brand.

The brand list is broken down by:

    • Brand Name
    • SKU Details
      • Number of active SKUs
      • Number of inactive SKUs
      • Number of stranded SKUs
    • Asset Value
      • FBA retail value and cost value
      • MFN retail value and cost valueInventory and Asset Value
    • Financial Summary
      • Revenue
      • Discount
      • Customer pays – how much customers have spent with this brand
      • Amazon fees
      • Taxes collected
      • Profit for all items sold for that brand
    • Refunds
      • Units refunded for the brand
      • Total refund for the brand
    • Sales Units / Revenue / Profit
      • Chart indicating total revenue, profit and units sold in each month for listed brand
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