Comparison Shopping Engine Integration

Rakuten offers listings from independent sellers in their global marketplace. It is an e-commerce site that is owned by a large global organization, and operates out of Japan.


The company also owns many other well-known sites such as: Ebates, Viber, Kobo, Overdrive, and has invested in Pinterest and Lyft.


Soon Seller Mobile will launch a comparison shopping engine integration that includes Rakuten merchant accounts. You will be able to link / integrate your Rakuten account with Seller Mobile for easy access and maintenance.


With Seller Mobile you can…

  • Add new products to your inventory or update price and quantity information for existing listings
  • Easily view daily revenue totals and reports
  • Identify high ranking keywords to use for your listed products
  • Keep your inventory from all marketplaces / merchant accounts in one place
  • Modify and put effective sponsored listings into place
  • Organize all of your listings from one place
  • Optimize product content
  • Quickly add an existing product to your inventory
  • View pricing information, sales rank, and other useful data

What people say...

Elliot Fuster

Repricer feature saves infinite time Seller Mobile is the hub for my Amazon Marketplace. The repricer tool is amazing - I don't have to spend hours checking if a competitor has reduced pricing for one of my hundreds of products.

Antonio Kevala

FBA restock has never been easier I used to overstock Amazon for some items, while losing sales for other products, which spiked in demand and were not in my FBA inventory. Now, it is all automated and I could not be happier. More revenue!

Rashad Rogers

Support staff rocks I never expected for my API integration to run so smoothly! Thanks to Seller Mobile's support team, the process was seamless and I was able to manage my products immediately.