Amazon FBA Restock

Smarter Replenishment – Competitive Edge

One of the toughest tasks when running a business on Amazon, is determining which product to send to FBA and on what date. As a retail business owner, you want to maximize your sales and efficiently plan your FBA stock levels, so that you don’t run out of hot items OR get stuck with items that are not selling.

With Seller Mobile’s FBA Restock tool you can…

  • Restock by supplier
  • Restock by item
  • OR Restock by item history

Our tool will sort items based on highest to lowest potential profit and determine which items are likely to run out in stock on FBA based on demand, selling trends and competitor listings / sales.

You can also…

  • Plan and create a purchase order and update its status (production, in transit and delivered)
  • View numerous reports that detail current FBA asset value and FBA availability
  • Accurately predict days of inventory per product
  • See expected profit margin with FBA restock per product

Seller Mobile’s FBA restock tool will give you a competitive advantage like never before. Now you can automate smarter replenishment.

What people say...

Elliot Fuster

Repricer feature saves infinite time Seller Mobile is the hub for my Amazon Marketplace. The repricer tool is amazing - I don't have to spend hours checking if a competitor has reduced pricing for one of my hundreds of products.

Antonio Kevala

FBA restock has never been easier I used to overstock Amazon for some items, while losing sales for other products, which spiked in demand and were not in my FBA inventory. Now, it is all automated and I could not be happier. More revenue!

Rashad Rogers

Support staff rocks I never expected for my API integration to run so smoothly! Thanks to Seller Mobile's support team, the process was seamless and I was able to manage my products immediately.