Avoid Paying FBA Long-Term Storage Fees

Sep 27, 2017
FBA long-term charges are sometimes stressful to pay. Therefore, you should adopt some strategies to reduce these charges to the minimal amounts. The following are some of the mechanisms that will help you reduce your FBA fees.
Price Strategies
One month before Amazon starts the extended storage date, you should go through your inventory and discount the commodities that will have a fee. You have to ensure the items are sold to avoid paying the extra fee. You do not have to get items sent back home / to your office.
Use Amazon Promotions and Sponsored Product Ads
Another strategy is to conduct promotions and get ads for all items that will be charged fees one month before. Therefore, you have to spend some money on ads or simply sell them at a discounted price.
Capitalize on Free Removals
Sometimes Amazon has promotions whereby FBA sellers can remove commodities from their respective warehouses. This promotion will see the removal of order fees on all items removed during the promotion period. Though it is not guaranteed whether or not this promotion will be offered, when it is, you have to utilize it.
You have to note that when transferring inventory to minimize charges, there is a set deadline that should expire before you are allowed to send them back to the FBA warehouses. Usually, this is between 3 to 6 months in the future.
Manage the Level of your Stock from the Start
One of the most efficient ways to avoid to paying long-term fees is to take control of the total inventory you send to FBA warehouses. For instance, if you send in only inventory that is likely to be sold in less than or 6 months, then you should expect to have minimal long-term storage fees.
Time when you will Send Inventory
Another way you can minimize on this fee, is timing when to