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Shipping (shipping price): this is what the customer pays for shipping (collected directly from Amazon Seller Central). Shipping Cost is what the seller pays for shipping (this may include: a. cost of shipping items from your warehouse to Amazon FBA; b. cost of shipping your items from supplier(s) to Amazon FBA; c. cost of shipping your items from supplier(s) to your warehouse).

SellerMobile uses the term ‘lightbox’ to define the screen that pops up on top of the screen you are currently viewing. The ‘product lightbox’ appears when you click on a product’s / item’s name. This includes all of the information, for that specific item / product, compiled across the SellerMobile system.

If you hover over the line you will see what information is displayed by which color. For example, the teal line indicates “number of units,” while the pink line indicates “number of orders.” Refer to the Y-axis on the right.

SellerMobile takes the information you provided (such as item cost, shipping cost) along with the information compiled from your Amazon Seller Central’s account to calculate your gross profit.

‘Order revenue’ includes the shipping revenue as well. ‘Item sales’ is only the revenue from the item.

Shipping is when you order has processed and is in the process of being shipped. Shipped is when an order has shipped; left the warehouse facility.

Ticket is the average dollar amount of your order. For example: if you order two items and one item cost $10 and the other costs $30, then your ticket value (average) is $15.

Cost percent is the percentage of the item cost for a particular day compared to sales numbers.

This is the percentage of refunds over the total amount of revenue for that day. The smaller the percentage the better.

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