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Amazon Repricer (21)

Amazon repricing is the changing of prices for products on Amazon’s Marketplace. Tracking price changes and repricing products efficiently enables a seller to increase sales, remain competitive in the market and benefit from better product placement (i.e., Amazon Buy Box).

Category: Amazon Repricer

A repricer tool or software automatically changes the pricing of your products, based on strategies set by you, so you don’t have to make updates manually. A good repricer tool will help your product pricing keep inline with competition, save you time and lead to an increase in revenue.

Category: Amazon Repricer

A repricer tool uses data-analyzing algorithms to make more accurate and market-based price modifications in an efficient manner. A repricer tool eliminates the need for tedious, manual repricing updates and reprices based on strategies that you set. You can select who you do and do not want to compete with, among other automated repricing factors.

Category: Amazon Repricer

A repricing strategy serves as guidelines (set by you) that a repricer tool has to follow when automatically repricing your items. Thus, a strategy is a list of price-influencing factors that determine what data points to consider when repricing.

Category: Amazon Repricer

Products that are priced too high tend to get less attention from potential buyers. With so many sellers potentially offering similar or better items than you on Amazon, customers will be certain to look for the best, most-competitive deal. If you do not reprice your products competitively, you are likely to lose sales and miss better product placement opportunities. The better the product quality and price, the more chances you will have to win prime placement in the Amazon Buy Box.

Category: Amazon Repricer

Yes. You can update the price in the ‘my price’ tab of a product’s lightbox. When you ‘save’ price changes for an item in the SellerMobile software, it will sync to your Amazon Seller Central account every seven (7) minutes. Remember that your ‘standard price’ is the selling price for an item; ‘sale price’ is the discounted price for an item (sale price is applicable for the date range you select).

SellerMobile’s Algorithmic Repricer Tool uses parameters and strategies set by you to monitor and auto-reprice your Amazon listings to make you more competitive in the Marketplace, increase your profitable and sales and increase your chances in winning the Buy Box. Within the repricer you can also better understand competitior pricing, select who you wish to compete with in repricing and much more.

Category: Amazon Repricer

If an item runs out-of-stock, then the price is no longer updated.

Category: Amazon Repricer

Tax settings are done directly on Amazon Seller Central. More information is available here.

Category: Amazon Repricer

We automatically change the price of your products once you have set a repricing strategy. For each strategy, you can set rules for repricing. Your items will not be automatically repriced unless indicated by you.

Category: Amazon Repricer

The Buy Box is represented by a button labeled ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Add to Cart.’ Several marketplaces, such as Amazon and Walmart, use this as a premium selling method which generally leads to increased visibility and sales. If a seller’s listing is displayed in the Buy Box they receive a more prime spot to showcase their products, compared to that of their competition (as many sellers tend to sell the same product on Amazon).

Category: Amazon Repricer

Rules are set by each marketplace to determine who can ‘own’ the Buy Box listing. Amazon considers a seller’s reputation (seller rating and feedback) and competitive product pricing for placement. SellerMobile’s feedback automation and repricer tools focus on helping you achieve frequent ownership of the Buy Box.

Category: Amazon Repricer

Studies indicate that sellers who own the Buy Box for an item tend to get the highest sales for that item. Mobile shoppers buy even more from Buy Box listings. In general, when you are placed in the Amazon Buy Box, you are certain to reach more customers and increase your sales.

Category: Amazon Repricer

There is no exact science in owning the Buy Box. Amazon, one of the largest e-commerce platforms, has a complicated Buy Box algorithm. In addition to pricing, Amazon also considers seller rating, fulfillment (FBA tends to perform better), customer service quality, account health and much more.

Category: Amazon Repricer

With our algorithmic repricer we will monitor your product prices against your competition and the marketplace to help you auto-reprice. With this competitive edge against other sellers, you can achieve more placements in the Buy Box.

Category: Amazon Repricer

Yes. For example: if you know the exact margin for your product then you can set repricing parameters (min/max) by price. If you don’t know the price, use the item margin option.

Category: Amazon Repricer

You can turn automated repricing on or off at the item level under ‘items to reprice’ > ‘reprice status’ in the Repricer tool. You can turn a repricing strategy on or off under the ‘strategies’ tab.

Category: Amazon Repricer

Yes, you can set strategies and parameters for your listings to control minimum and maximum prices, profits and more.

Category: Amazon Repricer

You don’t have to compete with anyone you don’t want to compete with. When you are in the repricer tool – strategies – advanced settings – you can choose which sellers to exclude (or include) when repricing your items.

Category: Amazon Repricer

SellerMobile’s repricer software retrieves updated prices from Amazon every few seconds and we update new prices on Amazon constantly. However, Amazon can take up to 10 minutes to update the pricing on their site.

Category: Amazon Repricer

We understand the importance of having Amazon and SellerMobile sync instantly/in real-time. However, as an industry standard, Amazon has limitations on how often information can be exchanged between servers. Updates/data refresh is approximated to be: MWS inventory reports 15 minutes apart; inventory status (active, inactive, closed) is refreshed every hour; manual pricing and MFN inventory updates from SellerMobile to Amazon run every 7 minutes, and SellerMobile repricer is updated every 5 minutes.

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