Creating Product Listing

Creating Short Title for Your Amazon Listings

For you to successfully market your products in Amazon, creating product listings is a must. This is where you lay out all the necessary information about your product. One of the most important parts in the process of making your listing is writing a good title for it.

As you do your research, you will come across various tips and guidelines on writing a listing title. Although making it short and concise may seem contradicting to what most sellers would think of, this is the appropriate way to write your product title, as Amazon recommends it too.

Writing the Title

Amazon has limited the characters for product title into 200 words. This could mean that short titles are the perfect way for optimizing your listings. When writing your product title, focus on using words that best describe your title. Do not stuff it with keywords nor include irrelevant terms as this can only cause confusion among your customers.

Here are other elements to take into account:

  • Brand name of the product
  • Model, color, type and other words that can help customers in distinguishing your products from your competitors
  • Size (if applicable), package quantity and other measurements that must be included in your title
  • Product keywords for an efficient advertising and promotion

Benefits of Creating Short Product Title

Research suggests that consumers are most likely to judge the product by its title. By using short titles not only helps you describe your product in a straightforward manner, it also brings along several benefits for your business, including:

Attracts several buyers

Well-written product titles, particularly for high-quality items, can leave a great impression among your potential customers.  Being able to tell what your product can do in the simplest way possible can capture your customers’ attention, and eventually win their business.

Increases sales

As your title attracts a number of customers, the number of your sales also grows. When it comes to an eCommerce business, it is known that the number of sure buyers and sales always share a directly proportional relationship.

Avoids  listing suspension

There have been several cases where an Amazon listing has been blocked or suspended due to its long title. While this does not automatically puts your long titles in danger, it is better to stay safe by keeping your title’s length short. It would hurt to lose your income just because Amazon has prevented your customers from seeing your listing.

 Increases product discoverability

A short and sweet title can generate a large sales volume for your product if it contains relevant keywords. Using the right keywords and following correct keyword placement are two effective ways to optimize your listing. It does not come as a surprise that a well-optimize listing converts well and generates profits.

Writing a title for your product listing sounds easy but it is crucial that you follow and consider different tips and guidelines apart from these so you can be well guided the moment you create your own product listing.

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