Feedback Automation Tool – Expand Your Reach

Automate and simplify the feedback review process. Boost account rankings and increase visibility.

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Organize, View and Group all Product Reviews on One Screen

Increase the feedback you receive, smarter and faster, through Feedback Automation.


See emails sent, viewed, rejected and opened.

Email Templates

Select pre-tested emails for auto-send email blasts.

Emails to Block

‘Blacklist’ addresses that you wish to block from auto-send.

Sent Emails

Track the emails / subject lines that were sent to customers.

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Revenue processed by accounts per year


Average customer revenue per month

New customer account sign ups per month

Total customer accounts

More Revenue

More positive reviews will lead to more sales

Target specific feedback to increase sales.

Create customized emails and fully configured campaigns to maximum positive feedback. With more feedback and reviews your account rankings will increase, and you will see a boost in sales!

Save Time

Automate high-volume emails

Increase efficiency and timely customer feedback.

Now, you can save a lot of time with automated email blasts. Prioritize urgent negative feedback to help unsatisfied customers and maintain a great reputation with minimal effort.

Boost Visibility

Faster customer reviews and feedback

With more reviews, you will boost account rankings.

With our tool, you can build powerful emails tailored to individual products or buyer behaviors. With such creative custom templates, you will see a surge of reviews – leading to a boost of account visibility.

Feedback Automation Components Include:


In this section, you can view a summary of all of your automated email blasts.

For the previous 30 days you can view:

  • shipped orders
  • emails sent
  • emails delivered
  • emails rejected
  • emails opened
  • delivered rates
  • opened rates

Email Templates

In the templates component, you can create customized emails and campaigns to maximum positive feedback.

You can also use pre-developed and tested email templates.

Within email templates you can:

  • create a schedule for automated email blasts (i.e., 1 day after order(s) is delivered).
  • change the status of an email template (on/off).
  • test / edit the email template(s) that you create.
  • specify product name (filtered by: contains, exact matches, etc), product condition, SKU and fulfillment channel.

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Immediately increase your revenue and win more Buy Box

Seller Mobile’s automated Amazon repricing helps you increase sales by getting you higher positions and helping you feature in the Buy Box, the More Buying Choices Box and the Offer Listings Page.

SellerMobile's Additional Tools

Algorithmic Repricer Tool

Increase sales & win more Buy Box. Compete according to your rules and repricing strategies.

Predictive Restock Tool

Replenish smarter and more effectively with sales forecasting. Don’t lose any more revenue.

Feedback Automation Tool

Improve and increase seller feedback and product reviews with timely and relevant emails.

Sales Analysis

Centralize your Marketplace sales and track your seller account’s profits and margins.

Inventory Analysis

Avoid costly out-of-stock and long-term storage fees with smart inventory monitoring.

Customer Analysis

Understand your customer’s buying preferences and trends with easy-to-read reports.

30 Day Free Trial. No Credit Card Required


Do your Seller Tools work across multiple marketplaces?

Yes, the SellerMobile tools and features work across multiple Marketplaces. You can easily manage all of your accounts from one place.

No credit card required. Cancel anytime.

How will I get more Buy Box wins with the repricer tool?

We will monitor your product prices against your competition and the marketplace to help you achieve prime placement in Buy Box.

Do I get full access to your software on my Mobile App?

SellerMobile's ultimate mobile application provides users with a complete interface with easy-to-navigate access to all tools.

What can I see on my analytics dashboard?

Each analytical feature, includes: sales, customer, brand, supplier and inventory details and offers unique, comprehensive reports.

How does SellerMobile's tool help me with my account?

With our full suite of resources you will get a thorough understanding of your sales, profits, inventory needs and lost sales.

How can I contact SellerMobile?

You can email us at or call at 1.888.786.1512.

Can I set limitations for how my product listing is repriced?

Yes, you can set strategies and parameters for your listings to control minimum and maximum prices, profits and more.

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