Integrate Your Seller Account with SellerMobile – Quick and Simple

Integration in just 60 seconds with 3 simple steps!
Get full access to our suite of tools and analytical components in Web and Mobile Applications.

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Integration Made Easy

Amazon uses the information that you provided during registration with Seller Mobile to allow the transfer / connection of your account to Seller Mobile. Within hours (varies based on Amazon’s API limits), your API integration will be complete and we can take your business to heights you never imagined!

Integrating your Amazon marketplace account with Seller Mobile is extremely simple. We have provided you with set-by-step instructions so the transition is smooth and hassle-free. Watch the video to learn how!

Sign Up

Create a SellerMobile account by filling in basic information.

Link Accounts

Connect SellerMobile to your Marketplace by logging into your seller account, and giving us access to link your information.

Access Awesome Tools

Now, your seller account data will transfer and consolidate across SellerMobile's various modules and tools - Let the magic begin!

Everything you need in the Palm of your Hand.

SellerMobile's Additional Tools

Algorithmic Repricer Tool

Increase sales & win more Buy Box. Compete according to your rules and repricing strategies.

Predictive Restock Tool

Replenish smarter and more effectively with sales forecasting. Don’t lose any more revenue.

Feedback Automation Tool

Improve and increase seller feedback and product reviews with timely and relevant emails.

Sales Analysis

Centralize your Marketplace sales and track your seller account’s profits and margins.

Inventory Analysis

Avoid costly out-of-stock and long-term storage fees with smart inventory monitoring.

Customer Analysis

Understand your customer’s buying preferences and trends with easy-to-read reports.

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Do your Seller Tools work across multiple marketplaces?

Yes, the SellerMobile tools and features work across multiple Marketplaces. You can easily manage all of your accounts from one place.

No credit card required. Cancel anytime.

How will I get more Buy Box wins with the repricer tool?

We will monitor your product prices against your competition and the marketplace to help you achieve prime placement in Buy Box.

Do I get full access to your software on my Mobile App?

SellerMobile's ultimate mobile application provides users with a complete interface with easy-to-navigate access to all tools.

What can I see on my analytics dashboard?

Each analytical feature, includes: sales, customer, brand, supplier and inventory details and offers unique, comprehensive reports.

How does SellerMobile's tool help me with my account?

With our full suite of resources you will get a thorough understanding of your sales, profits, inventory needs and lost sales.

How can I contact SellerMobile?

You can email us at or call at 1.888.786.1512.

Can I set limitations for how my product listing is repriced?

Yes, you can set strategies and parameters for your listings to control minimum and maximum prices, profits and more.

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