Amazon Sellers Pitfalls – Things to Avoid

When you’ve just started selling on Amazon, you’ll know that this platform provides a very different selling experience compared to putting up shop in different e-commerce platforms out there. Amazon implements very strict policies and outlines in Amazon Seller Central the best practices new sellers and seasoned merchants alike should follow to avoid any mishaps in managing a store and selling items on Amazon.

Here are the most common Amazon mistakes that sellers commit that you should try to steer clear from to avoid possible account suspension:

1. Weak Amazon Account Setup and Management

Setting up an account on Amazon is fairly easy – managing it properly and in accordance with Amazon’s policies is a different thing. Amazon aims to keep its focus on buyer’s shopping experience, and sellers do not get that same level of attention the platform gives to potential buyers. Usual mistakes you can do with your account include creating multiple seller accounts, linking your account to another seller account, forgoing the fundamental difference of Amazon to other platforms and managing it in the same manner as the others, and pointing Amazon shoppers to visit another online marketplace or website.

2. Poor Amazon Product Management

Having numerous products to sell at your disposal is a good thing for your business, but it can also lead to product mismanagement. This is especially true for cheap items you have purchased and hope to sell at a much higher price. This way of selling things has a potential to backfire because items sold at a very low price are usually made from cheap and substandard materials. They’re just a bunch of negative reviews waiting to happen, not to mention the huge inventory you’ll be left with for any of such cheap items that won’t get sold.

Product posting must also comply with Amazon’s guidelines. Make sure that product titles include relevant information about the products themselves, and do not contain any type of promo-related phrases.

Some of the product-related mistakes a seller can commit without realizing them involve using false product information, selling counterfeit products, having too much inventory, indicating any kind of promotional offers or discounts in product titles and photos, and using low quality or too small images.

3. Inadequate Logistics

Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) is Amazon’s very own logistics service, and not everyone makes use of this service. Some choose to handle their own fulfillment process and that is perfectly fine as sellers are welcome to choose which logistics service they prefer to use. However, merchant-fulfilled shipments are prone to slips such as high cost of shipping, missing inventory data and logistics details, and inaccurate delivery timeline.

4. Ineffective Amazon Customer Service

Since your Amazon store is web-based and is also available for anyone in the world to see, online shopping happens all the time. Of course, Amazon sellers are just human and cannot be online 24/7 to answer all their customer’s and potential buyer’s inquiries with regard to their products. However, in its mission to provide the best shopping experience for buyers, Amazon imposes its sellers to respond to customers’ inquiries within 24 hours. This same rule also applies on weekends and holidays, no exceptions. Customer service-related lapses include slow response time to inquiries, customer disputes, lack of after-sales support, and not taking any advice from customers, among others.

5. Disregard of Amazon Customer Feedback and Reviews

One way for buyers to check for an Amazon seller’s legitimacy and the authenticity of the products being sold is by its seller rating and the reviews posted by past customers. Failure to collect reviews, may they be positive or negative, is doing bad business on Amazon. On one hand, positive reviews will drive traffic to your site and increase your chances of turning casual onlookers to actual customers. On the other hand, negative reviews act as a mirror for your business and let you see how you can improve the way you handle your store, your products, and your customers.

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