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Purple Cloud Critical Amazon account
data at your fingertips
Your Amazon business on-the-go Track your orders in real time. Get push notifications with important account changes so you are always updated no matter where you are! The most important Amazon
Metrics at your fingertips
Track your orders in real time. Get push notifications with important account changes so you are always updated no matter where you are! SIGN UP FOR A 30-DAY TRIAL SIGN UP FOR A 30-DAY TRIAL SIGN UP FOR A 30-DAY TRIAL - Ultimate mobile app for sellers
- Monitor your Amazon account on-the-go
- Track sales, profits, inventory & more
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Your Business on-the-go

Enhance your Amazon selling experience using our cutting-edge mobile app. Access profit, sales, inventory, lost sales, feedback, research & repricer tools at your fingertips!

Track Sales in Real Time

Get notifications so you know exactly when you make a sale. See margins, profits, recent orders, sales by date, best sellers & your account's performance trends.

Amazon Mobile App

Share your Success

Take snapshots of your Amazon account by clicking on the share icon & let everyone take part in your success! We will auto-blur sensitive info so you can share without worries.

Explore Lost Sales & Refunds

View revenue that you lost due to out-of-stock items as a summary or at an item level. Monitor your account's refund amounts by item, order, supplier & brand.


Check Current Assets & Storage Fees

View monthly FBA storage fees & your inventory's asset value right from your phone! Plan promotions or removal of items on-the-go to reduce Amazon fees.

Over 25,000 Amazon Seller Accounts & Growing

We give Superpowers to Amazon Sellers with Cutting-Edge Solutions

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Analyze ASIN Details

Dive deep into each ASIN & view its': inventory #s, inventory asset value, lost sales stats, total revenue (+ profit, margin, item cost, ROI), refund rate, restock suggestions, total profit & storage fees.

Manage Inventory Restock

Monitor & analyze restock quantities & days until out-of-stock. The mobile app shows you what needs to be restocked by item, supplier & brand.


A Must-Have Mobile App

Unbeatable mobile app. Intuitive display. Critical data so you're in-the-know while on-the-go.

There's so much more on our Mobile App...

You won't know what you're missing until you download our app!

One click to log into the Web app.

Toggle between multiple accounts.

Works with different marketplaces.

Turn on alerts for account changes.

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Customers Love Us

I am very happy with the reports that are available. It has helped me turn my business from losing money to making a profit.

James Blindside

What They're Saying

SellerMobile has grown my Amazon business significantly which makes up for the subscription. I am constantly viewing so much data which is crucial for online sales, I highly recommend to anyone selling on Amazon!

Aamir Nathani

Personalized Customer Service

I'm still testing SellerMobile but I have to they're always there if I have questions. Already done 2 demos with one of their team members. Helpful.


Mariella Anderson

Here's what our Customers are Saying

Excellent tool with great customer service. I recommended to my friends. More tools are being added & I like that there is still new stuff coming.

Lilly Hall

What They’re Saying

Highly talented team that will meet or exceed your expectations. No matter how big our team ideas have been, SellerMobile took on every challenge and delivered.

Jose Medina

Customers Love SellerMobile

I just started selling on Amazon. I love the tutorial videos and info buttons that help me navigate through the software. I'm still new to Amazon so I use the seller dashboard the most. I like the global feature.


Benny Daniels